Satellite images shows buildings standing after Indian Air Strikes

Satellite images shows buildings standing after Indian Air Strikes

Satellite images reveal Jaish-e-Muhammad camps in northeastern Pakistan still standing on the ground after India claimed fighter jets demolished it and killed many fighters.

Satellite images shows buildings standing after Indian Air Strikes. The images produced by the Planet Labs Inc, a San Francisco-based private satellite operator, reveal at least half dozen buildings on the site on March 4 – six days after the air strikes.

The images are unchanged from an April 2018 satellite photo of the facility. There are no visible holes in the roofs, no clues of flaming, demolished walls, scattered trees in schools surroundings or other signs of air strikes.

The images pitches more uncertainty in PM Modi statements that on February 26 aerial strikes hd hit all the targets at the site in northern
Pakistan’s Balakot region.

India’s foreign and defence ministries did not answers to questions aboutb the satellite images emailed by Reuters news agency.

Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Project at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, confirmed the photographs showed the structures in question still standing.

Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Project at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, confirmed the photographs showed the structures in question still standing.

he said, “The high-resolution images don’t show any evidence of bomb damage.”

Lewis and Dave Schmerler, a senior research associate at the James Martin Center for nonproliferation studies who also examines the satellite images, said such heavy would have caused large scale damage to the structures visible in the image.

“If the strike had been successful – given the information we have about what kind of munitions were used – I would expect to see signs that the buildings had been damaged,” Lewis added. “I just don’t see that here.”

Pakistan has rejected India’s account, saying the operation was a failure that saw Indian jets, under pressure by the Pakistan fighter jets, drop their payloads on an empty hillside.

“There has been no damage to any infrastructure or human life as a result of Indian incursion,” Major-General Asif Ghafoor, Pakistan’s military Spokesperson said. “This has been vindicated by both domestic and international media after visiting the site.”

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Adnan Sami is the only Pakistani product that we are ashamed, Shaan Shahid.

Adnan Sami is the only Pakistani product that we are ashamed

Adnan Sami, an Indian singer has become center of social media outpour after he twitted about Pulwama attack and admired Nerendra Modi for attacking Pakistan which escalated the online rage between two countries and made way for heavy trolling for him.

Adnan Sami is the only Pakistani product that we are ashamed ,Shann Shahid said.
However, a new trend centered around the singer called #MajorAdnanSami is the most popular and Pakistani actor Shann Shahid also joined in.
“Adnan Sami is not a Pakistani neither an agent as intelligence agents have honour he is the only Pakistani product that we are ashamed of. Keep him he is yours,” Shan stated on Twitter. 

Israeli comedian’s ‘marriage proposal’ to Saudi Crown Prince.

Israeli comedian’s ‘marriage proposal’ to Saudi Crown Prince

An Israeli comedian who joked that she wants to marry Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has become a sensation on Arab social media, and some news channels are also reporting this as genuine.

Israeli comedian’s ‘marriage proposal’ to Saudi Crown Prince as Noam Shuster-Eliassi playfully suggested tying the knot with the Saudi royal during an interview with Arabic-language channel i24. 
After lamenting that “nobody likes a tall and strong girl,” the unmarried 32-year-old entertainer complained that her family was pressuring her to find a husband, who told her that any man would do, even a non-Jew. Shuster-Eliassi, however, said she was hunting for a real Prince Charming, According to
“I don’t want to [marry] just any person. I want to shoot high,” Shuster-Eliassi told the i24 host. “There is the tall [Syrian President] Bashar Assad. But – no, no, no – he won’t work. MBS [Mohammed bin Salman]. MBS is a very tall man and I know that there are now… more relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel,” she quipped.
However, a Moroccan news site reported that Shuster-Eliassi “was courting bin Salman and wishing to tie a knot with him.”
In addition , her comment circulated widely on the internet after Faisal al-Qassem, a well-known media personality in the Arab world, wrote a Facebook post about the unorthodox union. The joke was later picked up by BBC Arabic and Al-Jazeera.
“I did not expect by any means for it to explode in this way,” she told the Times of Israel. “I have never experienced something on this scale.”
“The joke was that Saudi and Israel are already having secret meetings, so I asked for him to help me with being single and building my party,” she said. “The timing with the Warsaw summit is what made it take off. I think the Arab world used it as ammunition to say something about what is happening and the narrow interests that are leading the region.”

Sonu Nigam insulted media for its irresponsible coverage.

Sonu Nigam insulted media for its 'irresponsible' coverage

Sonu Nigam , renowned Indian playback singer has slammed his country’s media for its senseless and irresponsible reporting which is escalating the tensions between India and Pakistan.

Sonu Nigam insulted media for its irresponsible coverage. While talking to a group of journalists, Sonu advised the Indian media to be mature and responsible with its coverage.
“This is a very crucial time for our nation. I have always been against war.Let [your opponent] take a shot first. If you tease, they are going to tease you back.A wise nation always behaves well and with class. All of the debates taking place on TV channels are set in an immature discourse.I believe that we, as Indians, really really need to grow up.I also think we need a responsible media which we lack at this point,” he asserted.

Pakistan to release Indian pilot as a peace gesture, PM Khan.

Pakistan to release Indian pilot as a peace gesture

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday announced to release Indian pilot Abhinandan Varthaman on Friday as a peace gesture, according to The News.

Pakistan to release Indian pilot as a peace gesture. According to The News, the pilot was captured by Pakistani forces after his jet was downed on Thursday.
The prime minister was giving a policy statement at a joint sitting of both houses of parliament convened to discuss  situation that has emerged after Indian intrusion of Pakistan’s airspace .
The session is being attended by all the political parties in the   Senate and the National Assembly.
He paid tribute to the national and political parties for being united in the prevailing situation . 
Similarly, he said even before being sworn in as prime minister in July, he had said that Pakistan would take two steps forward if India takes one step towards peace.
The reason behind his statement, he said, was poverty in both Pakistan and India.
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Khan once again raised the question what his country was supposed to gain from Pulwama attack which India blamed on Pakistan.
“India started blaming Pakistan within half an hour after Pulwama attack,” he said.
“After Indian aircraft violated airspace, Pakistan waited to ascertain the damages  instead of reacting immediately”, he said
“There is a need for retrospection in India,” he said. “There is need for debate in India on Kashmir”.
“Tension neither benefits Pakistan nor India,” he said.
In addition, he said Pakistan Army was ready to respond on Thursday expecting a missile attack from India.
Moreover, he said Pakistan and India should not even think of a war with kinds of weapons they have in their possession.

Trump and Kim Summit ended with no deal

Trump and Kim

Summit between US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un the North Korean leader ended with no deal, When US rejected the North Korean demands for sanctions ease, Trump said.

“It was all about the the sanctions,” reporters stated Mr.Trump. “They wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety and we couldn’t do that”. Trump and Kim met but all in vain. 

The two leaders had been expected to declare progress on denuclearisation.

Mr Trump said, “Sometimes you have to walk and this was one of those times.”

Briefing news conference at Hanoi, the Capital of Vietnamese after news conference, President Trump said no scheme had been made fo a third summit.

White House planned for a “Joint Agreement Signing Ceremony” as well as working lunch for the two leaders, but expectations were suddenly changed with the cancellation of both.

End of talks is “undesirable” according to North Korea but said it believed the US and North Korean leaders had made “more meaningful progress than at any time prior.”


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Mr Trump in his views said that Mr Kim made important offer to deconstruct all of the Yongbyon complex, the research and production facility at the heart of North Korea’s nuclear prepared. But in return Mr Kim demands all sanctions on North Korea lifted, something the US was not ready to offer.

The US President also added in his news conference that Mr Kim offered only the removal of Yongbyon and not North Korea’s whole nuclear apparatus.

Trump stated that when he talked about the second enrichment facility apart from Yongbyon, the North Korean delegation was “surprised” by what the US knew.

The first summit between the two leaders, which took place in Singapore in June 2018, was criticised for having produced little in terms of substance, leading to anticipation that Mr Trump would push at the summit in Hanoi to produce an agreement on denuclearisation.

‘No Afghan peace agreement if airstrikes continue’, says ex-Taliban officials

No Afghan peace agreement if airstrikes continue

Former Taliban official said that if Afghanistan government continues to conduct air attack which have resulted in countless civilian killings, peace cannot return.

No Afghan peace agreement if airstrikes continue, says ex-Taliban officials. On Wednesday, Syed Mohammad Akbar Agha, current leader of Rah-e-Nejat (High Council of Salvation) in a press conference in Kabul said that Afghanistan government is destroying peace talks being held in Qatar between Taliban representatives and US officials.

Agha said to Al Jazeera “The government doesn’t want peace. They are still targeting civilian areas while claiming to have targeted Taliban hideouts,” he added further more that air strikes are being carried out “almost every day”.

He said “We are all positive about peace and very serious, especially now that Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar is directly involved in the talks in Qatar.”

“We are expecting positive results for peace in Afghanistan.”


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Taliban and US officials are to be appeared for third day on wednesday in Doha, Qatar’s capital, where two main problems will be discussed in the high-level talks are: the removal fo US troops from Afghanistan, and guarantees thats Afghanistan wilol not be used by foreign armed fighters.

The talks have achieved progress in fews months after the US decided to talk with the Taliban, which has been conducting deadly armed rebellion since the group was rebellion from power in 2001.

US President Donald Trump’s administration is
searching to end the 17-year war, the US’s’s longest, that has left thousands dead.

Talks for peace in Afghanistan have gained momentum in recent months after the US decided to engage with the Taliban [Sorin Furcoi/Al Jazeera] - Courtesy AlJazeera News website

According to United Nations, at least 32,000 civilians have been killed and another 60,000 wounded in the last 10 years, when the organisation started assembling the data.

Baradar, Taliban founders, is taking part in talks in doha for the first time. He is highest representative of Taliban in talks with ths US special envoy for peace, Zalmay Khalilzad.

The Taliban have continuesly denies to talk with afghan government, calling it a “puppet” of the US.

Agha said to Al Jazeera,”We, like all the Afghans, want peace in this country. The Taliban are now sitting down to talk, which means they are ready for peace as well.”

“But if innocent civilians are killed this way in air strikes, they will never trust the government and will, in fact, stand against it.”

The US Assistance Mission in Afghanistan last year showed its “strong concern” at the rising number civilian killings from air strikes.

According to the report air strikes have killed 149 people and wounded more than 200 civilians in the first half of 2018, up by 52% from the same period of last year.

Among the deadly incidents was the one in Kunduz province in April 2018, when an afghan air strike killed or wounded 107 people, mostly children, at a religious gathering.

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We found no casualties or building waste on the site, Aljazeera

We found no casualties or building waste on the site

According to Aljazeera, Indian air strikes launched on Pakistani region demolished forest open area and fields, local officials said to Aljazeera, but however secret of religious still not clear.

We found no casualties or building waste on the site, Aljazeera. Bombs fired from Indian jets targets forest and a field in a backward area outside of the northern Pakistani town of Jaba, almost 100km north of Islamabad, says Aljazeera after visiting the site.

shattered pine trees and rocks were splitted across the bombed bowl, and there was no proof of any building waste or killings. Metal cartridge from the bombs was seen in four distinct bowls.

Indian Foreign ministry on Tuesday on claimed to have directed air strikes against a “Jaish-e-Mohammed training camp” in the area, telling “a very large number of JeM terrorists, trainers, senior commanders and groups of jihadis who were being trained for [suicide] action were eliminated.”


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Pakistan has rejected any killings had occurred. On Wednesday, Pakistan’s armed forces said its air jets launched air strikes on six locations on the Indian-administered region in the conflicted region of Kashmir.

We did not find any bodies or wounded people on the blast spot after Indian air strikes, local hospital officials and several residents stated.

Nooran Shah, a farmer whose land was targeted said, “I woke up at the sound of the first explosion, and ran out of bed,” He further added “The second blast knocked the doors off my house.”

A composite of four photos showing the four craters in the ground formed by the Indian air raids in Jaba [Asad Hashim/Al Jazeera] - Image Courtesy AlJazeera News

He said thate when he went outside to see what happened, p piece of shrapnel or stone struck him on the forehead, wounding him.

Another resident Syed Rehman Shah, a neighbour, said he, too, went outside after the blasts.

“I heard four loud explosions, separated by a few seconds each,” Rehman Shah said. “It felt like the day of judgement had come.”

Shah added further that he saw “fire and smoke” when he went outside to help his neighbour.

Shah after wounded fell unconscious. He was moved to safety and taken to a hospital. The walls of Shah’s home seems to be cracked and there were many holes in the walls where shrapnel seemd to have hit.

Rehman Shah said “We are just farmers out here, we grow wheat and maize,” he added further “Some people keep some livestock.”

According to Indian Foreign ministry Indian airforce target a training camp run by the JeM founder Masood Azhar’s brother-in-law, Yousuf Azhar.

JeM is a militants group founded in 2000, launched many huge attacks against Indian security and government targets, mostly in the region of Kashmir.

JeM claimed a suicide attack that had killed almost 42 Indian troops in the Indian-administered Kashmir town of Pulwama, raising the latest crisis between both the countries.

India charges Pakistan for helping JeM and other armed groups. Top Indian military commander said after pulwama blast that the attack was “controlled” by pakistani spy agencies.

Pakistan rejecting the charge saying we are taking action against JeM since banning the group in 2002.

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World’s smallest baby goes home from Japan hospital.

world's smallest baby


A baby boy weighing 268 grams at birth was sent home after months in a Tokyo hospital, he is the smallest surviving baby male in the world according to Keio University Hospital,  The Express Tribune said.

World’s smallest baby goes home from Japan hospital. The boy was born through Caesarean-section last August after he failed to gain weight during the pregnancy and doctors feared his life was in danger, according to Express Tribune.
The boy was in ICU until his weight reached 3.2 kilograms and he was discharged on Feb. 20, said Dr Takeshi Arimitsu of the university’s School of Medicine. According to records he is the World’s smallest baby.
 “I am grateful that he has grown this big because, honestly, I wasn’t sure he could survive,” the boy’s mother told Reuters, The Express Tribune said.
According to the Tiniest Babies registry managed by the University of Iowa, the previous record was held by a boy born in Germany in 2009 weighing 274 grams and the smallest girl was born weighing 252 grams in Germany in 2015. But now this boy is the World’s smallest baby. 

Adnan Sami supported unprovoked Indian attacks and got reactions from Pakistani Trolls…

Adnan Sami supported unprovoked Indian attacks

Nearly 19 years ago Adnan Sami relocated to India from Pakistan to take his music career further.

Adnan Sami supported unprovoked Indian attacks and got reactions from Pakistani Trolls. Adnan Sami was born in Lahore and Landed in India on March 13, 2001. But many locals are still not accepting the fact that he is Indian now.
In the reaction of Adnan Sami’s tweet a Pakistani replied, “Adnan Sami’s father was in Pakistan Air Force and fought during the 1965 war. He also received a Sitara-e-Jurat. Adnan Sami just won Tamgha-e-Begairat,” a user wrote.


Another user wrote, “Biting the hand that feeds you perfectly suits Adnan Sami. How could this man forget those days when it was Pakistan who gave him work, not only as a singer (Zara Dholki Bajao Goriyo) but as an actor (Sargam) as well. Today, he’s calling the same country an enemy.”
“When the war is over, I will surely join politics and run from Mumbai. My main agenda will be a walk of shame for Adnan Sami. Will feed makers of Jani Dushman to crocodiles. Will pay for Lakshmipati Balaji Facial,” another commented.