PTA issues six tips to secure mobile phones

pta issues six tips to secure mobile phones

PTA issues six tips to secure mobile phones. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has disclosed useful tips for public as part of its awareness campaign to secure users’ mobile phones. Maximum number of cell phone users are facing security and privacy issues in the country.

This step is part of the campaign that PTA launched in early march where the authorities urged WhatsApp users to enable two-step security. PTA issues six tips to secure mobile phones are very useful and are generally recommended by cyber-security experts around the world.

A global media outlet TechRadar also declared 10 tips to secure mobile phone in 2014. However, this decision by telecom regulator of the country is a good step in right direction.

Following are the six tips issued by PTA:
1. Always lock your mobile using a “Pin/Password” to avoid its misuse.
2. Install Apps only from “trusted Apps stores”.
3. Turn-off Bluetooth connection of device when not in use.
4. Must encrypt data on internal and external media.
5. Timely installs updates/patches.
6. Always use a VPN on public Wi-Fi/un-trusted network.

By getting into details of the points, above-noted by PTA, it is always the best solution to use PIN/password/pattern to lock phone because other bio-metric technologies like fingerprint scanner and facial recognition setup could be easily fooled or misused.

Meanwhile, Bluetooth can also present major security risks as this wireless tech may connect with unwanted networks.

Therefore, it is recommended that Bluetooth must be turned off once used.

Installation of Android/iOS security updates and security patches is quite important as they secure phones and make them more invulnerable.

Moreover, the point that briefs use of “trusted apps” means that one must always install apps from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store, other than these apps tend to be less secure.

However , Public Wifi hotspots have become one of major sources of data misuse and use of VPN to encrypt connections sounds like an impressive idea.

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NHA developed App to ensure road safety

NHA developed app to ensure road safety

National Highway Authority (NHA) has taken a unique step with launching mobile App, which inform travelers about road safety, fog, weather and traffic condition.

NHA developed App to ensure road safety ,the main reason behind this move is to serve commuters and ensure a safe journey on motorways and highways on the country,especially during foggy and smoggy conditions.

The application is structured to help travelers by timely notification of available scenarios,fed into the system by App Monitors of Nh&MP and displayed on user dashboard through virtual bulletin boards.

Messages cover blockades, closures, diversion, fog, blind spots, black spots, and congestions.

Authority ensuring safe journey for commuters, has also ensured placement of traffic signs including warning signs, regulatory signs and information signs to warn and help drivers of upcoming in roads, e.g. placement of chevrons on curves.

On sunday officials said placement of reflective pavement Markings on center lanes and road adges, placement of Cat Eyes along with Pavement markings to make night driving safe and placement of Delineators and Angle reflectors on new Jersey.

Barrier were also assured to help drivers during foggy season and night time.

NHA has provided lighting in urban areas to increase safety during foggy season while informatory boards, kilometer posts and gantry sign boards were also placed which are helpful during driving in foggy smoggy season, sources said. 

Weather/foggy conditions are determined through Variable Message Sign (VMS).

Similarly, highlighting the steps taken by National Highway & Motorway Police (NH&MP) the sources said these include: 

Public Service Vehicle (PSV) transporters are directed to put on fog lights in front as well as in rear.

In dense fog, when visibility is zero, slow moving and non-motorized vehicles are being parked at safe places i.e.petrol pumps or hotels till visibility is improved.

The vehicles carrying load projected outside vehicles dimension are not allowed to enter on National Highways during foggy season.

Effective coordination with Frontier Works Organization (FWO), Edhi, Rescue 1122 and Meteorological Departments to tackle any emergency situation.

The sources said special attention is being paid on briefing to road users about safety measures including: speed limits, use of fog lights, driving care in fog, safe distance, avoid unnecessary travelling etc.


Moreover, briefing to slow moving vehicles includes: use of reflectors/pasting of reflectors by NH&MP, avoid travelling on highway after sunset, use of hard shoulder/soft shoulder, guidance centers have been established with Helpline 130 facility for road users as well as general public to make themselves update through landline.

While Beat Control communicate the briefing officer about prevailing emergency situation and necessary instructions for road users.

The sources said status of fog point (point to point) is being conveyed well in time through electronic and print media (TV channels and FM) for convenience and safety of road users, black-spots are properly monitored and covered to avoid any attempt of robbery/dacoity on highways.

While special anti-crime squads are being deployed at crime black spots in order to avert any attempt of crime.

Moreover, maximum safety/precautionary measures like wearing of reflecting jackets and use of strobe/fog lights, hooter are being taken with extra vigilance and diligence by NH&MP officers.

National Highway and Motorway Police have also launched an App “NHMP Hamsafar”. The users can call on NH&MP helpline 130 by pressing this menu. This will connect the call to NH&MP Call Centre. 

The official channel allocated to NH&MP is FM-95 which operates round the clock with mandate to impart road safety awareness through entertainment and also transmit regular updates on national road network.

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Huawei will use Samsung OLED displays in P30 and P30 pro

Huawei will use Samsung OLED displays in P30 and P30 pro

Huawei and Samsung seems to construcrt new ties with each. Huawei is going to unveil its first pair of flagships for the current year. we will see the P30 and P30 pro at an event in paris. It has been stated that the main concentration of the devices will be photography. The report has unveiled that the P30 and P30 pro will come with OLED screens made by Samsung.

Huawei will use Samsung OLED displays in P30 and P30 pro So this time is changing BOE and LG, who manufactured the OLED for the Mate 20 Pro.

However the decision of shifting to Samsung of Huawei still mystery. May the company will be thinking that Samsung can meet Huawei’s requirements without having to bring in another manufacturer.

Above all, Samsung is the biggest smartphone supplier in the industry. The company has the manpower to pull off the high demand.

Therefor, it will make the whole process easier and comfortable as Huawei has to deal with only one supplier.

In addition, it has also been reported in december that Apple will use a new Samsung-made AMOLED for the 2019 iPhone.

This shows that Samsung has high demand in the market for OLED screens.

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Machine learning engineer is the best job, report says

According to an Indeed report released Thursday, Machine learning engineer is the best job of 2019.

With an average salary of $146,085 and an amazing 344% growth in job postings, Machine learning engineer are expected to continue on this growth path in the coming years, the report stated.

As more companies begin to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into everyday processes

The examined the top 25 jobs of 2019 by studying the jobs with salary of at least $75,000, minimum 20 job postings per 1 million total postings.

And the growth in share of listings from 2015 to 2018. 

This list indicates that the best jobs aren’t confined to one industry, but are spread through a wide range of fields.

Machine learning engineer is the best job, report says
Image courtesy - Indeed

Researchers developed more realistic sociable Virtual Reality

Researchers developed more realistic sociable Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has made many developments in last few years delivering everything from virtual cocktail bars to prosthetic limbs aid. However , in last run, virtual reality is an insulated experience as it brings user alone into a virtual world.


Canadian researchers invented a sphere they say can generate a more sociable Virtual Reality at the University of British Columbia and the University of Saskatchewan. 

Their gadget is a ball-shaped VR display that can permit ap to two users inside a virtual world.

Although there are currently other spherical VR displays, these are restricted to show an image only from a single viewpoint.

Virtual Reality:

 This novel developments uses advanced calibration and graphics rendering techniques to show a “distortion-free 3D image even when viewed from multiple angles.”

Sidney Fels, lead researcher an electrical and computer engineering professor at UBC said,“When you look at our globe, the 3D illusion is rich and correct from any angle.”

“This allows two users to use the display to do some sort of collaborative task or enjoy a multiplayer game, while being in the same space. 

It’s one of the very first spherical VR systems with this capability,” he added.

May be because it copy the many wonders that could be seen in a crystal ball, the researchers have named their new device Crystal.

 Just like its name, it contains of a custom-made 24-inch (600-millimeters) hollow ball-shaped display equipped with four high-speed projectors and one camera.

And the researchers are not intended to stop at two users. 

They are currently working on a new four user system.


According to researchers, the future applications of Crystal range from everything from virtual reality games to virtual surgery.

For the time being though, their main concern is teleconferencing application.

Ian Stavness, a computer science professor at the University of Saskatchewan and member of the research team said

 “Imagine a remote user joining a meeting of local users. At either location you can have a Crystal globe, which is great for seeing people’s heads and faces in 3D.”

Or you can have a team of industrial designers in a room, perfecting a design with the help of VR and motion tracking technology,” he added.

The researchers have progressive plans for their novel device.

We’re not saying that spherical VR will replace flat screens or headsets,” said Fels, adding “but we think it can be a good option for VR activities where you still want to see and talk to other people–be it at home or in the office, for work or play,” they said.


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Play PlayStation games on iPhone using Sony’s app

PlayStation games on iPhone using Sony’s app

With the release of Sony's latest app, PlayStation games can now be played on iphone.

Now you can play Playstation games on iphone using sony’s app. The app allows IOS device either an iphone . Or an iPad to talk to your PlayStation and show what would normally be on the screen. That means you can enjoy PlayStation games no matter wherever you are, connecting to the console over WiFi.

Players can control the game either by pressing virtual buttons on the screen or by hooking up a controller.Which will be able to talk back to PlayStation over the internet.

Using the app requires PlayStation hooked up at home. Since it borrows the computing power from that console. But it means that users can play as normal even if they are not near it.

“Remote Play” app will also allow people to join chats and use the microphone in their phone, for instance, or use the keyboard on their iPad to type information into the PS4.

The app is available for free in App Store. It is also possible to use same app with third-party apps. Sony’s solution is the first time it has been officially supported for iphone and also the first time it is free.

Following are the requirements to use the app, device iOS 12.1 or later, iphone 7 is recommended, a sixth generation iPad, or the newer version of the iPad Pro. It also requires fully updated PlayStation 4, active PlayStation Network account, and high-speed internet access.

Not all the games will work with the Remote Play app and it won’t work over a mobile data connection, it notes.

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Application for finding stolen or snatched phone

Application for finding stolen and snatched phone

Lahore Police in association with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has developed application which would be used for tracing and recovering snatched cell phones. "E-Gadget Monitoring System" is a multi-feature application which would be available android and iOS stores and all mobile dealers would be urged to upload all information of purchased phones along with picture of the customer.

Application for finding stolen or snatched phone will be launched. While addressing the introductory meeting of the app, Capital City Police Chief BA Nasir said.

 The app is launched in Lahore as pilot project and it will be used in other parts of the province after determining the success ratio.

Dr Inam Waheed, Lahore Deputy Inspector General Police briefed the media and traders about working of the app.

Moreover, the system consists of many amazing features as a sudden alert would be generated to the police control room on any possible selling of a snatched or stolen cell phone, Dr Inam said, adding that with this app major reduction in mobile phone related crimes was expected.

In addition, SSP (CRO), Ehsan Saif Ullah said shopkeepers will enter IMEI number of every cell phone and the app would verify that if any FIR is registered or not. 

In other words, on finding any FIR the app would make an alert and quick action will be taken against the culprit.

 “Shopkeeper would be considered innocent if he properly fed the data in the system” he assured.

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UK police launched a new Internet safety policy for Infants

UK police launched a new Internet safety policy for Infants

UK police are getting children as young as four in new internet safety campaign structured to handle a "disturbing" rise in the number of babies caught up in online sexual exploitation.

UK police launched a new Internet safety policy for Infants. The cartoon launched on Wednesday, stars a small girl named Jessie who guides to go to a parent or trusted adult if they see something online which makes them feel “worried, scared or sad”.

 It does not contain sexual abuse, but support children to discuss and share fearful things they have seen while using internet.

Rob Jones, director at the National Crime Agency, while releasing the “Jessie and Friends” animation, said tech industry referrals. 

Incidents reported by tech companies to National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the US of online child sexual abuse material in the UK had risen from 82,109 in 2017 to 113,948 in 2018.

He said to reporters, “We are seeing a change in behaviour which is very disturbing, which is the abuse of very, very young children,”he added “There is a cohort of offenders we have a growing understanding of, who are pursing pre-verbal and very young children with the explicit objective of contact abuse. As a result of that, we’ve developed a response.”

The NCA’s team has used perceptions into exploitation to structured a campaign that aims to increase flexibility in young children, They are working with more than 100,000 professionals consists of teachers, youth workers, police officers and sports coaches to multiply the education material around the country.

UK police launched a new Internet safety policy for Infants

Mr Jones said, “The scale of the threat has grown, so arresting offenders is not the only answer to the problem.”

 He added that he was especially concerned by the level of sophistication shown by offenders in developing relationships with children, such as via chat functions within online games, before creating what he called an “imbalance in that relationship” and exercising “coercive control over children” that can involve eliciting pictures, blackmailing, and inciting sexual behaviour.

Police stated that they decided to minimize the age of children they were targeting from five to four after research in schools and nurseries revealed the impact of internet in the lives of four-year -olds. 

They said it was necessary begin the talks about safety before children had reached an age where they “become more independent and start communicating with others online”.

Emma Hardy of the Internet Watch Foundation praised the campaign, saying that since children can use the internet “long before they can ride a bike or go down the road unaccompanied”, it was important that internet safety is taught from an early age.

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Three gadgets can make your car a smart car

Three gadgets make your can your car a smart car

Now-a-days cars mostly come with built-in smart technology for navigation and entertainment. With whole ecosystems such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, it has never been easier to link your smartphone to your dashboard and get help on the road. Now, automotive accessory makers looking for a solution to the problem, and make it easy and affordable to bring Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and other digital voice assistants into your vehicle.

Three gadgets make your can your car a smart car. Following is the list of smart technologies:

1. Anker Roav Bolt:

Three gadgets make your can your car a smart car

The first and small addition to your car would be the Roav Bolt. It was structured along with Google to bring Google’s voice assistant directly to your car.

 Just plug in the device into cigarette lighter and Google will help you with hands-free calling and messaging and navigation.

Typing command “OK Google”, you will be able to play your best songs or podcast, enable navigation, read messages, make calls, set reminders, and even check schedule. 

Voice notifications will also keep you up to speed you drive. Just download Google Assistant app and pair it with your Bolt.

2. JBL Link Drive:

Three gadgets make your can your car a smart car

The JBL link drive is same as Bolt. The plug-in brings Google Assistant microphone into your car via cigarette lighter.

 The link Drive connects to your in-car stereo via Bluetooth or you can plug in an AUX cable if your motor cannot be connected wirelessly. 

Also it remembers multiple phones, which is useful if more than one driver uses the car on a regular basis.

The Link Drive packs in two noise-canceling microphones to ensure it has no problems picking up your voice.

 There’s also something JBL is calling ‘Radio Barging technology‘, which allows the Link Drive to shut up the radio to make incoming calls a priority. 

There’s also a multi-function button that will begin listening with a short press, for those of you who don’t like to constantly shout “OK, Google” in the car.

There also another features JBL calls it “Radio Barging technology”, which allows the link drive to stop the radio to make incoming calls a priority. 

3. Amazon Echo Auto

Three gadgets make your can your car a smart car

Echo Auto is structured to bring Alexa into your car to support you play music, get directions, place calls, listen to audiobooks, and even control your smart home.

Echo has eight microphones inside and its far-field technology can hear you over music, A/C, and road noise. 

Alexa can connect to Google Maps, Apple Maps and Amazon stated that waze support will be available later this year. Echo connects to power supply via wire.

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Government bans the use of cell phones for teachers

Government bans the use of cell phones for teachers

Punjab government prohibited the use of mobile phones for teachers during school hours. This rule applies to all public and private schools.

Government bans the use of cell phones for teachers . The heads of all schools received a letter sent by the District Education Authority in this regard. 

Letter stated, Teachers will submit their mobile phones to the school in the morning during assembly time. Cell phones will be returned at the end of day.

The reason behind the ban the letter states is that the use of mobile phone during class create disturbance for students. Same ban was enforced in KPK in October last year.

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